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      The padding field contains padding to ensure the correct alignment  and can be changed at any time when the offset changes or required alignment changes.


Section 4.1.1 Correction:

Proposed by: Li Yuan

Defined Need:  Reports a typographical error in section 4.1.1, "Other common file extensions using the ZIP format include .JAR, .WAR, .DOCX, .XLXS, .PPTX, .ODT, .ODS, .ODP and others."


The extension name ".XLXS" should be ".XLSX"

Section 3.2 Correction:

Proposed by: Hans-Peter Koning

Defined Need:  Change restriction defined by section 3.2 MAY NOT or SHALL NOT indicates an element is prohibited from use.


Replace MAY NOT with MUST NOT

Encryption Extra Field:

Proposed by: PKWARE

Define Need: Smartkey storage format


Document 0x0022 Key Provider Record