What is a Locker?

Simply put, a Locker is a folder that you want to protect: all files placed in this folder will be automatically encrypted. By default, you can have up to 5 Lockers enabled. If you are a Viivo Pro or Viivo for Business user, there is no limit to the number of Viivo Lockers you can set up.

Why should I set up more than one Locker?

There are many reasons why you may want to set up more than one Locker:

  • If you want to share folders with specific Viivo users, each folder should be set up as a separate Locker.
  • If you use more than one cloud provider, you can now simultaneously sync Viivo files across them all.
  • If you have locations that you want to automatically protect, but they are not located in one central folder structure.

What is a synced Locker vs. a non-synced Locker?

If you turn on Sync, you are asked to specify a different folder where these decrypted files will be stored. Every file and folder in the locked folder will be replicated in the synced unlocked folder, except that those files will be decrypted. Any change to a file in either folder automatically gets synchronized to the other folder. If you edit a file in the decrypted folder, it will automatically be re-encrypted and saved in the locked folder, and vice versa.

Why would I want to set up a Sync folder?

You might like to use Lockers in a syncing configuration if:

    • You don't mind having decrypted files on your machine.
    • You like the ability to search inside the documents.
    • You use applications that use more than one file at the same time, like Apple's iWorks or Quicken.

OK, I get it, how do I set up a Locker?

Click the '+ Create New' button to get started.

The first thing to do is identify which folder you would like to protect. This can be an existing folder or a new folder. You can select a folder in an existing cloud provider or a folder anywhere on your system.

In this example, we've selected a folder inside Box Sync called My Docs.

After selecting the folder you want to protect, you need to determine if you would like Viivo to sync the Locker or not. Syncing (a refresher from above) will maintain decrypted copies of the files on your machine.

If you are creating a synced Locker
        Since you have decided to create a synced Locker, you now need to define the folder where Viivo will sync the un-encrypted file to.

        In this example, we have selected a folder on my desktop called MyDocsSync. This is the location where Viivo will place un-encrypted files and where files should be added encrypt into the Box Sync cloud.

        Finally, Viivo will display an animation summarizing the configuration of this Locker. It will show the 2 folders set up in the configuration, as well as the automatic actions Viivo will perform.


If you are creating a non-synced Locker
        Since you have selected a non-synced Locker, Viivo only needs to know which folder you are protecting. Existing files in the folder will be encrypted. Any new files added into the folder will be automatically encrypted.

How do you manage access to the Viivo Locker?
        Click the sharing button.

        Then define the users you want to add by adding their Viivo email address or selecting them from the list.

Why do I see a green check mark on my Locker?

The means that your Locker is configured correctly and Viivo is actively looking for changes in your files. When Viivo is busy encrypting or decrypting, you will see . If your Locker is disabled you'll see: , which you can click to enable your locker. If there is a problem with your Locker, you'll see .

        If you do not want to risk having the decrypted files stored on your hard drive, then this feature is probably not a good fit for you, and you can keep the Sync switch off.

How do I decrypt my .viivo files that are in a Locker?

If you have Sync configured, then you can simply use the decrypted files that are stored in the unlocked folder. You can simply click the folder icon (with the padlock open) to open that folder. If you do not have Sync configured, you can decrypt each file in turn by simply double-clicking it and Viivo will open it up in your productivity application like Office, Adobe Reader, etc. Then, when you save that file, it will automatically update the encrypted .viivo file in your locked folder.

I have a "Classic Locker" listed - what is that?

If you used Viivo 2.x and shared Viivo-Encrypted folders in Dropbox, then we automatically pulled in your files and folders and configured them as they were in the old version.

Going forward, any folder that you'd like to share should be set up as a separate Locker in the Viivo Manager for easier management.