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  • How do I manually assemble my log files on OS X?
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In the event the automatic send log files is not operational from within the Viivo manager, you can manually send the log files to the support technician you are working with by following the instructions below.

 From Finder:
1) In the Menu Bar, click "Go"
2) In the Dropdown list, click "Go to Folder..."
3) A new window should appear titled "Go to Folder"
4) Enter the following into the prompt: "~Library/Application Support/Viivo/"
5) Click "Go"

6) Highlight all of the files in the syncpair folder (or everything you find here)
a) Files to include:
- viivo.log
- appconfig.db
- syncpair folder (this folder will be represented by an alphanumeric string)

7) Right-Click or Ctrl-Click and Select "Compress X Items" (X being the number of items highlighted in step 6, e.g. "Compress 5 Items")

8) A new file will appear titled, "".  Send this file to the support technician you are working with.