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Smartcrypt for z/OS Overview

Contact your PKWARE Sales Representative for information on evaluating Smartcrypt

Getting Started
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Upgrade Notice

You cannot upgrade to a new version using the levelsets below.  Contact your PKWARE Sales Representative for information on evaluating Smartcrypt

NameFormatSizePost Date
Smartcrypt v16.0 Levelset (Refresh 7)EXE41.6MB10-15-2018




Introducing the Smartcrypt Application for z/OS, by PKWARE. 

Smartcrypt provides data-level encryption for IBM z Systems mainframes, Smartcrypt is the most flexible, high-performance z Systems encryption solution available today. It protects both structured and unstructured data, gives customers the option to embed encryption directly into their applications, and can secure mainframe databases with field-level, length-preserving encryption.

Unlike other encryption products (including solutions that encrypt all data stored on the mainframe), Smartcrypt applies persistent protection that stays with data even after it leaves the mainframe environment. With Smartcrypt, encrypted data can be transmitted from the mainframe to user devices, web servers, or other external destinations while remaining inaccessible to unauthorized users.

How it works

Smartcrypt exploits the z/OS Integrated Cryptographic Services Facility, delivering faster and more efficient encryption/decryption processing than other non-native encryption products. Encryption performance overhead can be 5% or even less on z14 systems.

Smartcrypt delivers additional performance enhancements by using PKWARE’s advanced compression functionality, reducing file sizes between 10 to 95 percent prior to encryption. Decreased file sizes dramatically reduce demands on CPU and storage resources, improving overall system performance. No other encryption solution offers smaller files post-encryption.


Smartcrypt for z/OS is available in Standard and Enterprise editions.

Supported Platforms

File Encryption Certificate and Key Types:

  • Smartkeys

  • X.509 Digital Certificates

  • OpenPGP

Languages and Frameworks:

  • COBOL, ASM, PL/1,  CICS, Java

  • JCL, Batch

  • DB2


  • Encryption:  3DES, AES128, AES192, AES256, CAST5, IDEA, AE-x

  • Signing: SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512

Key Storage and Retrieval:

  • Hardware:  HSM

  • Software: Keystore, ICSF-CKDS, PKDS, Security Server, RACF, ACF2, Top Secret

Key Interfaces:

  • LDAP,

Cryptographic Services:



  • FIPS 140-2, Suite B


Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager for z/OS

Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager (SEM) for z/OS simplifies licensing and provides a connection for managing keys in external key management systems, such as HSM's. Download SEM for z/OS with Smartcrypt for z/OS.

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