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The PKWARE® Data Compression Library (DCL) for Windows® provides a high-speed interface for compressing and decompressing data files within applications, when ZIP file archiving is not required. DCL compression generally reduces typical data file sizes by 50% or more, while reducing some types of ASCII and database files by as much as 90%.

PKWARE’s well-known DCL has been available for over a decade with the traditional DCL Implode compression algorithm. With this new release, the Windows DCL now includes support for the DEFLATE and DEFLATE64 algorithms. Moreover, this release expands the number of exposed functions significantly, providing more options and greater control. There are no limits to the types of data that can be processed with the PKWARE DCL algorithms, allowing compression and decompression to and from memory, media, serial ports, or any other device that an application can address.

DCL features include:

  • Availability for Windows 32-bit platforms as both static and dynamic link libraries.
  • Best of breed data compression algorithms including: DCL IMPLODE, DEFLATE, and DEFLATE64.
  • Highly optimized code and C interface for superior performance.
  • Adjustable dictionary size that allows software fine-tuning for maximum speed or compression efficiency.
  • Use of application-defined callback or compression streaming functions allows for maximum flexibility.
  • CRC-32 calculation routine for data integrity verification.
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