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Unzipping Email Attachments
  1. Open message.
  2. Touch and hold attachment.
  3. Tap Open in SecureZIP. If the archive is encrypted with a passphrase, you will be prompted to enter the passphrase. 
  4. The contents of the archive appear in SecureZIP Reader.
Unzipping Downloaded Files from Safari or Other Apps
  1. Touch and hold a link to any ZIP archive. The ZIP archive will appear with an icon and the size of the file.
  2. Tap Open in SecureZIP. If the archive is encrypted with a passphrase, you will be prompted to enter the passphrase. 
  3. The contents of the archive appear in SecureZIP Reader.
Importing Archives from iTunes

You can add any supported archive from your computer to your device using the file sharing option in iTunes.

Follow these steps to import an archive:

  1. Connect device to iTunes.
  2. In iTunes, go to the device; click Apps.
  3. Scroll to the File Sharing section.
  4. Click SecureZIP; click Add.
  5. Locate and open the archive to import in the selection window. The file appears on the SecureZIP Documents list.
  6. Open SecureZIP Reader on your device. Your imported archive will appear on the list. The archive is removed from iTunes File Sharing (but remains on your computer).
Working with ZIP Archives

Once an archive is opened in SecureZIP Reader, you can view the archive's contents and get information about both the archive and the file(s) contained inside the archive.

Getting Information About Your Archives on the SecureZIP Archive List

When you open SecureZIP Reader, a list of all archives stored in the app appears, with the date added to your device and its compressed size. Use this list to view information about an archive, and view the contents of the archive.

If you open the app before adding an archive, you will see information on how to add archives to SecureZIP Reader.

Tap an archive on the list to view this information about the archive as a whole:

  • Last Modified: Date and time the file was last changed before being added to the archive.
  • Added: The date the archive was added to your device.
  • Size: Both the Compressed size and the uncompressed (Real) size.
  • Contains: The number of files and folders the archive holds.
  • Encryption: If the names of the files in the archive are encrypted, this will read "Encrypted." Otherwise, this will read "Not Encrypted," even if some or all of the files included in the archive are encrypted.
  • Signatures: If a digital signature is attached to the file, it will display here, including information about the status of the signature, such as whether it is trusted or not. Otherwise, it is "Not Signed."
Viewing and Printing Files in an Archive

File(s) appear with Last Modified Date and size of file. Tap a file name to preview the contents of the selected file. If a file is encrypted with a passphrase, you will be prompted for the passphrase before you see the contents of the selected file.

Tap the Open In  button to get choices in working with this file:

  • Open In the Associated App: If another app is already associated with this type of file (such as Pages for documents), tap here to open the file for editing. 
  • Open In: Choose another app on the device to open the file for editing. 
  • Print: Print the file with AirPrint.
  • Cancel: Return to the Viewer.

 Tap Done when you are finished with the file.


  1. Select Printer find AirPrint-compatible printers on your network.
  2. Define the number of copies you want to print.
  3. Tap Print (or Cancel). 
Viewing Certificate Information

Tap the certificate you are interested in to view summary information about a certificate on the list. 

The Certificate Details page gives summary information about a selected certificate and tells whether it is valid. In particular, the tab lists: 

  • The name of the certificate
  • The issuer of the certificate; that is, the authority that is certifying your identity
  • The date the certificate is valid from
  • The date and time the certificate expires
  • Whether the certificate is valid

Tap Remove Certificate to delete the certificate from SecureZIP Reader.


Extracting all files from an archive

Previewing works great if you just need to view data. If you need to decrypt the file so that it can be manipulated and edited in an application on your device, the only way to do this is by extracting.

  1. Open Archive
  2. Tap and hold on the file you wish to extract
  3. Select Extract in the option list
  4. Select storage location on your device
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