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PK Encrypt / Smartcrypt / PKZIP / SecureZIP for IBM i

Getting Started

Minimum Requirements

IBM i Minimum Support Requirements

iSeries OS Version7.
PKZIP / SecureZIP 9

PKZIP / SecureZIP 10

PKZIP / SecureZIP 10.0.5

PKZIP / SecureZIP 14.0.0v14.0.1v14.0.1D

PKZIP / Smartcrypt 16.0.0

PKZIP / Smartcrypt 16.1.0

v16.1.0B(Latest Build Recommended)
PKZIP / PK Encrypt 17.0.0

(Latest Build Recommended)

Hardware Requirements

PKWARE Product / VersionPower 7Power 8Power 9Power 10
PKZIP / SecureZIP 9

PKZIP / SecureZIP 10

PKZIP / SecureZIP 10.0.5

PKZIP / SecureZIP 14.0.0

PKZIP / Smartcrypt 16.0.0

PKZIP / Smartcrypt 16.1.0

PKZIP / PK Encrypt 17.0.0

SupportedNot Supported
Installers / Maintenance Updates

PKZIP Base and Maintenance Updates

The installation and use of this Software is governed by the existent license agreement between your organization and PKWARE, Inc. Per such agreement, your organization needs to have a current Software maintenance plan to be eligible to download, install, and use this Software update.

I have read and agree to all regulations, laws, terms and conditions listed above.

Customers using Smartcrypt or SecureZIP for IBM i should consider upgrading to PK Encrypt for i.  Contact PKWARE sales for information on PK Encrypt for I.

PK Protect for i

PK Encrypt for i (IBM i v7.3 or greater) EXE30.0MB
Smartcrypt for i5TypeSize
Customers looking for Smartcrypt for IBM i v17 should migrate to PK Encrypt for i. 

Smartcrypt V16.1.0E (IBM i v7.1 or greater)EXE29.9 MB
Smartcrypt V16.0.0D (IBM i v6.1 or greater)EXE28.0 MB
PKZIP of i5TypeSize
PKZIP V17.0 (IBM i v7.3 or greater)EXE25.1 MB
PKZIP V16.1.0E (IBM i v7.1 or greater)EXE25.1 MB
PKZIP V16.0.0D (IBM i v6.1 or greater)EXE27.0 MB
PKZIP v14.0.1 for i5/OS v5r4EXE25.7 MB
PKZIP v14.0.1D for i5/OS v6.1 or greaterEXE26.7 MB
 SecureZIP for i5

Customers looking for SecureZIP V15 or later should migrate to Smartcrypt for IBM i. 

 SecureZIP v14.0.1 for i5/OS v5r4EXE 30.2 MB 
 SecureZIP v14.0.1D for i5/OS v6.1 and greaterEXE 31.4 MB 

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions are included in the self extracting EXE that contains the install files as Readme.txt

PKZIP for IBM i 16.0.00
Copyright 1989-2016 PKWARE, Inc.  All rights reserved.
PKZIP(R) is a registered trademark of PKWARE(R), Inc.
SecureZIP(R) is a registered trademark of PKWARE(R), Inc.
Change Font to Arial size 10 for best printing of this document.
Last Updated on May 05, 2016.
 This README is intended to provide a quick procedure to install PKZIP
 for IBM i version 16.0.0.
 This product is designed to run on the following platform(s):
   IBM i version 6.1.0 and above (RISC only).
 For more information, you may refer to the "PKZIP for IBM i System
 Administrator's Guide".
 This README describes the process of installing PKZIP for IBM i, after
 saving the self-extracting zip file to a PC. The process consists of
 building the PKZIP for IBM i 16.0.0 library and licensing PKZIP for
 the trial.
 You should have downloaded a file on your PC called "pkzi1600061.exe".
 This is a self-extracting ZIP file. Once you double-click on the
 file, the files, by default, will extract to C:\PKWARE\pkzi1600061\*.
 The PKZIP for IBM i v16.0.0 portfolio.pdf includes the following:
   PKZIP for IBM i v16.0.0 Users Guide.pdf
   PKZIP for IBM i v16.0.0 Messages Guide.pdf
   PKZIP for IBM i v16.0.0 System Administrators Guide.pdf
 The portfolio provides the ability to search one or all manuals.
 If separate manuals are preferred, please contact Technical Support
 at 937.847.2687.
 GLOBAL CONTACTS.TXT - A list of domestic and international resellers
 LICENSE.TXT         - PKWARE's software license agreement
 README.TXT          - This file you are reading
 WHATSNEW.TXT        - A text file documenting product changes
 PKW16061P.SAV  - This is the binary SAVF that needs to be
 transferred to the iSeries.
 After downloading the zip file to your PC extract the save
 file from the zip file. The save file is named PKW16061P.SAV.
 Be sure to note the path to this file, as it will be required
 in your FTP session (defaults to C:\PKWARE\pkzi1600061\PKW16061P.SAV).
 Start an iSeries 5250-type session and sign on with sufficient
 authority to perform the commands used below:
 Create a save file on the iSeries - CRTSAVF YourLIB/PKZIP1600
 The TCP/IP network server must be running (or start the TCP/IP
 network server with STRTCP).
 Start a PC-based FTP session with your normal FTP procedures and
 send the PC file to the iSeries SAVF you created in BINARY mode,
 or run the following:
 * Type "FTP" at the command prompt
 * Open the iSeries IP Address and sign on
 (ftp> open as an example)
 * Next, type "BIN" at the command line
 (this will transfer the file as a Binary object)
        * Now type the "PUT" command.  Example:
          PUT C:\PKWARE\pkzi1600061\PKW16061P.SAV YourLIB/PKZIP1600
        - Note - In the command above:
                - Is the local path\file name on the PC
                - Is the remote library/file name on the iSeries.
 Restore the PKZIP for IBM i product from the save file:
 (Where "your_pkzip_lib" - is the name you want to call the restored
 There should be a total of 53 objects restored.
 Delete the save file:
 At this point, the PKZIP for IBM i product library should exist on the
 IBM i.  The PKZIP for IBM i library should now be added to the
 library list:
   ADDLIBLE your_pkzip_lib
 If you keep the PKZIP library name as PKW16061P (default), then you do not
 need to take this additional step. If you change the name from PKW16061P
 to something else, then you will need to run this last step.
 From the command line, type:
   CALL PKZSETLIB your_pkzip_lib
 (Where "your_pkzip_lib" is the name of the PKZIP library you restored.
  This will link the objects to your PKZIP library name.)
 You will need to contact PKWARE, Inc Sales at 937.847.2374, or email
 sales at to initialize your version of PKZIP for
 IBM i for the trial. If you do not work in the USA, please refer
 to the "Global Contacts.txt" file to contact a dealer in your region.
 You will need to provide the account manager with a license report.
 To run a license report, please add PKZIP to the library list and
 perform the following:
 Please have the output of this report available when speaking with
 the account rep. You will be expected to supply the following
 additional information:
  * Company Name
  * Company Contact
  * Phone number
  * Contact Email
 The license keys will be sent via email.  To apply the key simply follow
 the step-by-step instructions contained within the body of the email.
 Prior to contacting PKWARE, Inc. Product Services Division for
 technical assistance please display and review $CONTACT and have
 all required documentation readily available.  To display the
 $CONTACT file run the following:
  ===> DSPPFM FILE(your_pkzip_lib/$CONTACT)
 Contact Technical Support at
 or simply call 937.847.2687 if you experience problems during the
 installation process, or if you have any technical questions.
 If you have questions concerning general account matters or how to
 obtain an authorization code, please contact Customer Service at or by phone at 937.847.2374, option 3.
 Thank you.
 Technical Support
 PKWARE,Inc.               Tel: +1 937.847.2687
 648 N Plankinton Avenue   WWW:
 Suite 220
 Milwaukee, WI 53203
Copyright (c) 1989-2016 PKWARE, Inc. All rights reserved.
Any reproduction or distribution of this content without explicit written
permission of PKWARE is prohibited.
The PKWARE name and logo, PKZIP, and SecureZIP are registered trademarks of
PKWARE, Inc. in the United States and elsewhere. Smartcrypt and Smartkeys are
trademarks of PKWARE, Inc. Use of various PKWARE corporate identity assets is
subject to the Branding Guidelines & Terms of PKWARE, Inc. Trademarks of other
companies mentioned appear for identification purposes only and are property of
their respective companies and are hereby acknowledged.
Any reference to licensed programs or other material belonging to a third party
is not intended to state or imply that such programs or material are endorsed
by PKWARE, Inc. and/or currently available for use.

Request Help

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  • During normal business hours you can call 937-847-2687
  • If you have 24x7 support please call the phone number you were given to have a technician paged.
  • If you do not have 24x7, submit a case via  Request help from a support technician and put PRODUCTION DOWN in the title. A technician will respond as soon as they are available.

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