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Publication Policy

ZIP File Format Specification Publication Policy

In order to ensure the interoperability of the .ZIP file format by third party development organizations, PKWARE® remains committed to the periodic publication of the APPNOTE specification. The publication of changes and revisions to this specification will occur on the following schedule:


Notification of Change

When feature changes affecting the .ZIP file format are identified, a preliminary release of this information will be made within 120 days following the general release of the first product in which these changes are implemented. This preliminary information will identify areas of current or planned changes to allow third party developers to avoid any conflicts with their development activities.

Final Publication

Final publication of feature changes to the specification will occur within nine months of the general release of the last product in which these changes are implemented. The availability of the final release of the specification will be timed to ensure the changes work reliably and conflict-free across all supported operating environments.

Naming Convention

The current general released version of the APPNOTE will retain the file name APPNOTE.TXT. Draft copies will be named a APPNOTE-x.y.z-DRAFT.txt. Archived copies will be named APPNOTE-x.y.z.TXT.

x, y, and z represent the version major, minor and step version.

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