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SecureZIP Toolkit for Java

The SecureZIP Toolkit for Java™ empowers developers and architects to take advantage of PKWARE's trusted encryption and compression capabilities for applications they build running on the Java platform. The SecureZIP Toolkit for Java is based on the PKWARE Smart Encryption Software Development Platform (SDK), which is in use by tens of thousands of businesses for simplified protection of data no matter how it is shared, stored and accessed.

Organizations have long had the ability to use either Java or an open source add-on to perform compression and encryption. The PKWARE SecureZIP Toolkit for Java combines compression and encryption into a single, flexible package. Encryption in the toolkit accesses FIPS 140-2 validated libraries and uses .ZIP, the file format innovated by PKWARE.

Regardless of the application or platform, the flexible SecureZIP Toolkit embeds security at the data level for easy, secure movement. Encryption in the toolkit exceeds a wide range of industry and government standard symmetric key algorithms, including 3DES and AES. Files can be encrypted using either passphrases or X.509-compliant digital certificates, providing flexibility to work within different security environments. Digital signature capabilities are also available to help ensure file authenticity, integrity, and to support non-repudiation. The Java toolkit supports standard retrieval of x.509 certificates from Java key stores or LDAP-compliant directories.

Features in the SecureZIP Toolkit for Java 

  • Java development specifications: The SecureZIP toolkit uses Pure Java Class Library (JAR), as well as a Java interface.
  • Protection of file names: File names and other file meta data are encrypted to ensure sensitive information is not exposed. This guards organizations from both external data leaks and internal error.
  • Multi-pronged protection: Encrypt files using standard ZIP or OpenPGP encryption formats.
  • Dual authentication: Support for X.509 digital certificates for encryption and digital signatures.
  • A range of encryption and decryption methods: Available crypto support includes AES (128-, 192-, and 256-bit); 3DES (168-bit); IDEA; and CAST5.
  • Highly vetted crypto standards: SecureZIP Toolkit for Java uses NIST FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic libraries for .ZIP encryption
  • Compliance from .ZIP innovators: PKWARE manages the .ZIP Application Note, which defines the .ZIP file format used by millions of people worldwide and in the Java software developer kit. Read and write AE-x encryption ZIP files.
  • Multiple file support: Read and write TAR, GZIP, and BZIP2 files; open .Z compressed files; use UTF-8 International File Name Storage.
  • Additional toolkit features include: support for file name, storage and memory operations; immediate and deferred archive operations; text line translation; path storage; multi-thread enabled.
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