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SecureZIP Toolkit for Windows

Thousands of CISOs, developers and architects have used the SecureZIP Toolkit for Windows to add flexible security to their Windows environments.

Features in the SecureZIP Toolkit for Windows 

  • File name encryption: Encrypt the file names and other file meta data to ensure no sensitive information is exposed. This adds protection from unwanted internal or external information exposure, particularly in highly sensitive and regulated fields like Social Security numbers or credit card information.
  • Certificate directory support: The Windows SDK supports LDAP-compliant directories for automatic retrieval and application of digital certificates for encryption.
  • Seamlessly eliminate unwanted files: Shred files using DOD 5220 standard. This provides organizations with an additional level of configurability and assurance that deleted files are not recoverable.
  • Professional-grade compression: All the compression, decompression and archive management capabilities of the PKZIP Toolkit for Windows. Create self-extracting ZIP files that allow files to be automatically unzipped and extracted. Compliant with the industry-standard .ZIP Application Note, which defines the .ZIP file format used by millions of people worldwide. Multi-thread enabled. Timestamp digital signatures for .ZIP files.
  • Available for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms as dynamic link libraries.
  • X.509 digital certificate support for encryption and digital signatures.
  • Thorough Encryption & decryption support: Toolkit crypto support includes AES (128-, 192-, and 256-bit); 3DES (168-bit); SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512; CAST5; and IDEA.
  • Supports widely used interfaces: C/C++ object interface, combining easy integration with high performance. SDK .NET interface.
  • Relies on highly vetted standards: The SecureZIP for Windows Toolkit uses NIST FIPs 140-2 validated cryptographic libraries.
  • AE-x compatibility: Read and write AE-x encryption .ZIP files.
  • Archiving enhancements: Development toolks enable immediate and defined archive operations.
  • Additional support and features include: supports for file, memory and storage operations; support for OpenPGP encryption format; backs Wavpack extraction; uses UTF-8 file name storage; move and freshen functionality; and text line translation.
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