PKZIP® for Windows Servers14 [32-bit]EXE14.4mb
PKZIP® for Windows Servers 14 [64-bit]EXE14.9mb
SecureZIP® for Windows Server 14 [32-bit]EXE14.4mb
SecureZIP® for Windows Servers 14 [64-bit]EXE14.9mb
Older Versions  
PKZIP® for Windows Servers 12.5 [32-bit]EXE12.6mb
PKZIP® for Windows Servers 12.5 [64-bit]EXE12.8mb
SecureZIP® for Windows Server 12.5 [32-bit]EXE12.6mb
SecureZIP® for Windows Servers12.5 [64-bit]EXE128.mb


  • Enterprise Edition Note:
  • SecureZIP Server for Windows is only available in Enterprise Edition.
  • Windows 2003 and higher with IE 6.0 or above 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
  • 15 MB available disk space
  • Enterprise Edition:
  • Microsoft Management Console v2.0 running on Windows Server 2003 or later