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Change File Date, Time, and Path

You can edit much of the information stored in an archive about the files and folders it contains. For example, you can change the names of files and folders, their dates, and the path information that specifies their location.

To view file property information:

1.  Select one or more files or folders in the main window.

2.  Right-click and choose Properties to open the File Properties dialog to the General tab.

When more than one file or folder is selected in the main window, the General tab displays information about items in the selected set. When multiple items are selected, you cannot rename items or change their location, and any changes you make to dates apply to all the selected items.



File name

If only one file or folder is selected, the name of the item displays next to the file-type icon and can be edited.

If multiple items are selected, the number of selected files and folders is displayed instead of a file name. The number of items cannot be edited.


Describes the type of file as listed in Windows Explorer, or displays Multiple Types if the selected items are of different types. This information cannot be edited.


Gives the path location of the selected item in the archive.

To move a selected item to a different folder in the archive, edit the path to point to the different folder.

For example, to move a file to the Gamma subfolder of a Beta folder in the archive, enter the path:


If a Gamma folder does not already exist, one is created

You can use either slashes or backslashes ("\") to separate folder names in the path.


Gives the total size of the selected items prior to compression. If the selection includes a folder, the uncompressed size of all files and subfolders in  the folder are totaled as well. This information cannot be edited.

Compress Size

Gives the total size of the selected items after any compression. This figure represents the amount of space that the selected items take in the archive.

Compress Size is usually smaller than Size, but it can be larger if the selected item was already compressed (is itself a .ZIP file, for instance) before it was compressed and added to the archive.

In an archive whose contents are not compressed, such as a TAR or UUE archive, Compress Size is the same or larger than Size for a selected archive item.

Compression Ratio

Gives the percentage decrease in size of the selected items after any compression.

Created, Modified, Accessed

Displays the date and time when a selected item was last created, modified (saved), or accessed. If multiple items are selected, the fields display the most recent dates and times that apply to any item in the selection. The fields are editable.

To change date and time information for all selected items, enter changes from the keyboard, or use the mouse to select new values. Any changes apply to all selected items.


Lists the file attribute settings for the selected items. If an attribute is set for some but not all of the selected items, the check box for that attribute displays a check against a grayed background.

To change attribute settings for all selected items, check or clear the appropriate boxes.

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