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Do an Advanced Directory Search

Looking Up Recipients in Directory Stores

The contents of the Advanced Directory Search dialog varies, depending on whether you search an LDAP directory server or an OpenPGP Key Server.

If you have set up Smartcrypt to access directory certificate stores, click Lookup in the Encrypt or Sign dialog box. You can search for certificates in directories such as Microsoft Active Directory and Novell Netware.

To do an advanced search for X.509 certificates in the Advanced Directory Search dialog:

1.  In one or more of the fields, enter text to search for. The advanced-search dialog contains the following fields in which to enter search text:

Common Name
First name
Last name

2.  Select whether Smartcrypt should look for a string of characters that Starts with, Contains, or Exactly matches the text you enter in each field.

For an advanced search to return a certificate, every search field in which you enter text must match in the directory entry. The more search fields you use, the more restrictive you make the search. If you do not find a certificate that you are sure is there, try using fewer fields or none. If you want to see all the names in your primary certificate store (that is, the first checked store listed in Certificate Stores in the Security options), leave all the fields empty.

3.  Choose Search to start the search.

Smartcrypt searches for matching certificates in the LDAP stores listed on the Certificates Stores page of Security options. Smartcrypt searches the stores (whose entries are checked) in the order they are listed until certificates are found.

Any certificates found are added to the list under the search fields. You can review these results and clear certificates for any people you do not want to include as recipients. Smartcrypt displays a message if your search string produces no matches at all.

You can do repeated advanced searches. If more certificates are found, they are added to the list of certificates from previous searches.

To find out more about a certificate and its owner, select it in the list and choose View Certificate to view the certificate's properties.

4.  Close the Advanced Directory Search dialog when you are done.

How you close the dialog depends on how you opened it:

  • Choosing recipients: If you opened the dialog (by choosing the Advanced button) from the dialog where you choose recipients, choose OK to return to that dialog. Smartcrypt inserts into the recipient list any checked certificates found by your advanced searches.

  • Querying an LDAP server: If you opened the Advanced Directory Search dialog (by choosing Query Server)  from the Certificate Stores list of key server options, the Advanced Directory Search dialog contains a Close button instead of OK and Cancel buttons. Choose Close to close the dialog.

To do an advanced search for OpenPGP keys in the Advanced Directory Search dialog: Type the name or email address of the person you want to send your files to. Click Search.


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