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Create a Folder in an Archive

To create a new folder in an archive:

1.  In the main window, select the folder location where you want to add a new folder.

2.  Right-click an empty area in the main window to open the main window context menu. Choose New Folder.

A new folder called New Folder is created.

Note: The New Folder command appears in the menu only if Auto-Save is off. Turn off Auto-Save by clearing Auto-Save in the same context menu that contains the New Folder command.

3.  Rename the new folder: Do one of the following:

    • Select the new folder name and press the F2 key to make it editable. Enter a new name and click away from the folder or press Enter.

    • Right-click the new folder name and select Rename from the menu

    • Rename the folder from its Properties dialog.

4.  Add, copy, or move files to the new folder.

If the new folder is empty when you save the archive, Smartcrypt deletes the folder.

5.  Save the archive or turn on Auto-Save.

Turning on Auto-Save saves the archive.

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