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Why Use Smartcrypt Attachments

Smartcrypt Attachments saves you steps and time when compressing attachments, and it saves you space when you store them. It also enables you to encrypt and sign attachments, for added security.

Features of Smartcrypt Attachments

  • Smartcrypt Attachments uses the compression and security features of Smartcrypt.

  • Smartcrypt Attachments works with the Send To feature in all MAPI-enabled desktop applications configured to use Outlook, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, or Internet Explorer.

  • You can quickly turn zipping of attachments on or off from a button on the Outlook toolbar.

  • Set options for compression, encryption, and signing from toolbar buttons or from the context menu of a desktop tool tray icon.

  • Place all message attachments in a single ZIP archive. (An archive is a file—such as a ZIP file—that can contain other files.)

Benefits of Smartcrypt Attachments

  • Messages with compressed attachments are faster to send and require less storage.

  • Encrypted messages and attachments can be read only by people who can decrypt them. Strongly encrypted items are virtually impossible to decrypt by recipients who lack an appropriate passphrase or key.

  • Recipients of digitally signed attachments can be certain who sent the attachment. The signature is embedded in the attachment and is preserved when the message is forwarded.

  • You can use a recipients list to specify just the people whom you want to be able to decrypt your attachments. Smartcrypt can even try to assemble a recipient list for you on the fly, using the email addresses of the people who are to receive the message. No passphrase is needed to encrypt or decrypt these attachments.

  • Smartcrypt Attachments is easy to use. Zipping is automatic when turned on and uses your current option settings.

  • Recipients can open compressed attachments (although probably not encrypted ones) using any ZIP-compatible program.

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