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Add Files with Drag and Drop

To add files by dragging:

In Windows Explorer, select files and/or folders to add.

To add files and/or folders to a specific folder where you drop them: Drag the selected files into an open archive.

To add files to a new archive: Open Smartcrypt and drag the selected files into the Drag Files Here window.

To add files and/or folders to the root level of the archive: Drag the files onto an archive file's icon on the desktop.

  • If you select and drag a folder into an archive from Windows Explorer, Smartcrypt adds both files and subfolders of the selected folder.

  • If you drag an unencrypted file into an existing archive encrypted with a Smartkey, or with file names encrypted, the new file will be encrypted accordingly. If the existing archive uses passphrases or X.509 certificates, the new file will follow the existing Encryption settings.
  • Smartcrypt ignores settings for add mode, advanced filter, and path information (made in Compression options) when you add files by dragging. Smartcrypt adds all dragged files.  If there is a file with the same name in the archive, you will be prompted whether to overwrite those files, unless the Overwrite setting (also in Compression options) is set to Always.

  • If you need to preserve original path information when dragging a file into an archive, right-click on the file(s) before dragging. When you drop the file(s), choose Copy Special or Move Special from the menu.

  • To avoid inadvertent data loss, the Delete original files setting in Security options does not apply for files added to an archive using drag-and-drop. When Delete original files is locked on by a policy file, you can only add files to an archive with the Add Files dialog.


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