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Overwrite Files When Extracting

The Extract all files extract mode setting can cause older versions of files to replace newer versions already on your system. The Overwrite setting enables you to control whether existing files are overwritten.

To tell Smartcrypt what to do when a file to be extracted has the same name as an existing file in the target folder:

1.  Select Options from the Application Menu.

2.  Select the Extraction category.

3.  Select one of the following settings from the Overwrite drop-down menu:


What It Does

Prompt user

Smartcrypt prompts you for permission to overwrite each existing file that is set to be overwritten

Never (skip)

Smartcrypt never overwrites existing files on your system. Selected files in the list of files to be extracted are skipped and are not extracted if they would overwrite any file


Smartcrypt always overwrites existing files that have the same name as files being extracted even if the existing files are newer

Note: The other extract mode settings—Update existing and extract new files and Freshen existing files only—cause (only) older versions of files to be overwritten by newer ones, without prompting.

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