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View PKSFX Option Settings for a Particular Archive

A self-extracting PKSFX archive remembers the PKSFX option settings with which it was created. These settings may be different from the current settings on the PKSFX page of Compression options. They are the option settings with which the archive will be saved, by default, if you update it.

You can view the current PKSFX option settings for a PKSFX archive that is open in Smartcrypt. The settings are listed on the PKSFX Options page of the Archive Properties dialog. This page appears only if the current archive has already been saved as a PKSFX archive.

To access the PKSFX Options page of Archive Properties:

  1. Open Archive Properties: Right-click an empty space in the main window and choose Properties from the context menu.
  2. Select the PKSFX Options page.
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