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Attach a Comment to an Archive

Comments are useful for recording notes about an archive.

An archive comment displays in the tool tip box that appears when you position the mouse over an archive listed in Windows Explorer.

This sort of comment is called an archive comment because it is associated with the archive itself rather than with any particular file inside the archive.

Note: Do not put sensitive information in an archive comment. Archive comments are not secure. They are not encrypted or signed even when the central directory of an archive is encrypted or signed.

You can save comments to text files and load previously saved comments to use again.

You can attach comments to files inside an archive as well.

Archive comments are available only for ZIP archives.

To attach a comment to an archive:

1.  Right-click in an empty area of the archive window. Select Properties from the menu. Click the Comment tab.

2.  Do one of the following:

  • Enter the text you want to use as a comment
  • Drag and drop a text file onto the comment field
  • Click Load to browse for a previously saved comment to use

Choose Apply or OK.

Managing Comments

The four buttons at the bottom of the tab control loading and saving text from comment files and enable you to clear and reset the comment field.

ButtonWhat It Does


Enables you to browse for a text file that contains the comment you want to use; loads the text from the selected file in the comment field

Save As

Displays a Save As dialog in which you can save your comment to a text file to use again


Erases any text in the comment field


Restores to the comment field the same text or message, if any, that was displayed before you made changes
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