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macOS: Installation

macOS Installation


Installer Package on Desktop is shown in image

Double click the Smartcrypt installer package provided from your PKWARE representative.

Introduction Installation Prompt is shown to end user

Press, "Continue" to be guided through the steps necessary to install the Smartcrypt Client for Mac.
Installation License Prompt  is shown to the end user

Read through the software license agreement. Click, "Continue" to progress through the installation.

License Agreement is shown to the end user

After pressing, "Continue" a prompt will show to verify that you agree to the terms of the software license agreement. Click "Agree" to continue the software installation.

Installation Type is shown to the end user
Click, "Install" to perform a standard installation of Smartcryt for Mac.

Login requirement needed from the end user

Enter the administrative password to authorize the installation of Smartcrypt for Mac

Installation successful is shown to the end user

Verify the installation has completed by seeing this prompt and click, "Close"
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