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Options for Compressing and Adding Files

You can set the following options from the General page of Compression options:

  • Compression: Greater compression requires more time and memory, and faster performance produces less compression. Pick a level of compression that suits your purposes.

  • Add mode: What do you want to do if the archive already contains an earlier (or later) version of the file you are adding? You can specify how to handle these and related situations.

  • Filter: You can filter a set of files selected to be added such that only files that are of a certain type or size or fall in a certain date range are actually added.

  • Save folder name: You can include all or part of the path location of a file or just the file itself.

  • Overwrite: What to do when you encounter existing files in your archive.

To access Compression options:

1.  Select Options from the Application Menu.

2.  Select the Compression category.

Additional compression options are available from the Advanced page:

  • Whether to split an archive into multiple files to email or save on removable media such as CDs and floppy disks

  • Miscellaneous preferences, such as whether to give the archive today's date or the date of a file in the archive

The PKSFX page contains options for configuring self-extracting (PKSFX) archives. PKSFX files have a .exe file name extension and extract their contents automatically when run.

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