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Modify and Rezip Files

You can open and edit files in an archive just as you do files that are not in an archive. You do not need to manually extract the files first. You work on them using the same applications that you usually use. When you are done, Smartcrypt saves your changes directly to the archived copies of the files.

This feature is called rezipping. It is available for any type of archive that Smartcrypt can create or save to.

To modify and rezip a file in a ZIP archive:

1.  Do one of the following to open an archived file in the application with which it is associated on your system:

  • Double-click the file in Smartcrypt
  • Select the file in Smartcrypt and press Enter
  • Select the file in Smartcrypt and click View on the Actions group

Note: With the Office Integration option, use the Open ZIP File command in the File menu (or Office button) of the associated Microsoft Office application itself to open a file in a ZIP archive. The file must be the only file in the archive.

2.  Edit the file in the application. Save your changes to the file and close it.

Save your changes directly to the file if you want Smartcrypt to know about them. If you use an application's Save As command to save to a different file, Smartcrypt will not know that you changed the archived file.

When you return to Smartcrypt, a dialog lists the archived files you changed and asks whether to update the archive with your changes.

3.  Put a check in the adjacent box for each file that you want to update in the archive. Only files that are checked will be updated.

4.  Choose Update.

The archive is updated. To instead discard your changes to all the files listed, choose Skip. No files are updated.

Delete or Keep Temporary Files

When you open files directly from an archive, Smartcrypt extracts temporary copies of the files for you to work on. Smartcrypt updates the archived copies of the files from the temporary ones.

Smartcrypt tries to delete such temporary files when you close the archive, but if you still have a temporary file open in another application, Smartcrypt cannot delete it. In this case, Smartcrypt displays a message that instructs to close any application that may be using the file and to choose Yes in the message dialog if you want Smartcrypt to try again. Choose No to close the archive without deleting the file.

Note: Smartcrypt can extract and open files from some archives of types that Smartcrypt cannot create or save changes to. For instance, Smartcrypt can extract from RAR archives but cannot create or update RAR archives. Similarly, Smartcrypt can extract and open files from a split or spanned archive but cannot save changes back to such an archive. Other cases of archives that Smartcrypt can extract from but not save to include read-only archives and archives on a Web site or ftp site.

If Smartcrypt cannot save your changes back to an archive, Smartcrypt saves a copy of the entire archive to your system and updates the copy with your changes. Smartcrypt presents a Save As dialog in which you can specify a name, location, and archive type for the copy.


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