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Setting Default Values for Program Options

When you add files to an archive, the files are added according to the options you selected for compressing and adding files. For example, if the option to turn on encryption is set, the files are encrypted when they are added. Whether they are encrypted with a Smartkey, passphrase or a recipient list, depends on how other options are set.

Smartcrypt gives you a wealth of options for adding and extracting files. You work with these options in a set of tabbed pages in the Smartcrypt Options dialog. The options are sorted into major categories such as Security, Compression, Extraction, View, Mail and Miscellaneous. The settings you give the options in these dialogs determine how Smartcrypt works.

Smartcrypt continues to use your option settings until you change them. For example, if you set the option for encryption algorithm to AES (256-bit), then every time Smartcrypt encrypts, it uses strong, 256-bit AES encryption until you change the setting to something else. You can restore the initial default values for all options with the command Load Installation Defaults in the Help menu. A Default button on each page of the Options dialog resets settings on the current page.

To get the most out of Smartcrypt, explore the Smartcrypt Options dialog and discover how to set the options that make Smartcrypt work exactly the way you want.

To access Smartcrypt Options: Select Options from the Application Menu.

Note: Your Smartcrypt administrator may set and enforce some defaults through Policy.

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