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KB - How can I split a file into smaller pieces?

When sending large files, sometimes it becomes necessary to break an archive into smaller pieces.

To permanently set the size

  • Open Smartcrypt options
  • Expand Compression | click Advanced
  • In the split size dropdown either select from the predefined settings or manually type in the size in kilobytes.



Set the split size while creating the archive.

Go through the steps you normally use to create an archive but when you are prompted to give it a name, you can also specify the size to split the archive into.

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How do I reassemble a split archive?

Once an archive has been split, you will see the original file along with a .ZIP file and the pieces (z01,z02, etc).  Simply double click on the .ZIP file. The pieces will be loaded automatically. If you are missing a piece, PKWARE products will prompt you for the missing piece.


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