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Adding a Smartkey

To create a new public Smartkey:


Your PEM Administrators can prevent you from creating new Smartkeys.
  1. Go to the ZIP page of Security Options.
  2. Both Encrypt files and Enable Smartkey encryption must be checked.
  3. Click Manage Smartkeys.
  4. Click New Smartkey.
  5. Give the Smartkey a descriptive name, so you can quickly identify the recipients associated with this key.
  6. Add the email address for a recipient. If that email address has a Smartcrypt account, a green check mark will appear in the Allowed window at the bottom.
  7. Add other recipients as necessary.
  8. Click OK to create the Smartkey.
If you've never shared Smartkey-protected data with someone, the Name column will display a partial email address instead of the person's full name.
When you have created the new Smartkey, and view the Smartkey again, the name will change to "(unknown)" if that user does not have a Smartcrypt account.

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