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Adding a User to a Smartkey

Smartkey owners can always make changes to the Access Control List that defines who can open Smartkey-encrypted files. Use these methods to add someone to a Smartkey.

Smartkey Properties

You can add a user to any Smartkey in the Smartkey Properties screen. Open this screen through the Zip Security Options, or by right-clicking an archive encrypted with a Smartkey and selecting View/Edit Smartkey from the menu. In the Properties screen:

  1. Type the email address of your new user in the Recipient field.  If that email address has a Smartcrypt account, a green check mark will appear in the Allowed window at the bottom.
  2. Click OK to confirm the addition.

Responding to a Request

Smartkeys allow the owner to control access to sensitive data. That control extends to others' sharing. For example, let's say you send a file encrypted with a Smartkey to UserX. UserX then sends that file to a colleague, UserY, not listed on the Smartkey. When UserY tries to open the file, Smartcrypt automatically notifies you (the Smartkey owner). As the owner, you can Allow this person to open and read the file. You may also Deny the request.

You can also access any notification by clicking the Smartcrypt tray icon and selecting Notifications.

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