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KB - What are the different ways I can create an archive?

As with other Windows applications, there are many ways of performing certain actions.  Below are the many different ways you can create an archive.

  1. Right click on a file or folder, choose PK Protect and either encrypt or compress (no password).

  2. Drag your file(s) to the PK Protect icon on your desktop.

  3. Open PK Protect and drag files to the area that says "Drag Files Here".

  4. Open PK Protect and click on Add Files. Then select the files you wish to include in your archive.

  5. From within an Office document, click on PK Protect tab and then Save Copy with PK Protect.

  6. If Zip attachments is enabled, PK Protect will prompt you to zip attachments before sending them out from Outlook.

  7. From the command prompt you can compress or encrypt files. This is useful for repetitive jobs.

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