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Update a Self-Extracting (PKSFX) Archive

You update the contents of a PKSFX file in the same way that you update an ordinary archive. The only difference is that you have some choices about the PKSFX option settings to save with an updated PKSFX file:

  • If you change the contents of a PKSFX file and choose Save using the Application Menu or the Quick Access Toolbar to update it, the PKSFX file is saved with the same PKSFX option settings that it had before.

  • If you choose Save As or Save As Self-Extractor to create a copy of an existing PKSFX file, PKSFX option settings for the copy are taken from the original file, with one exception: the setting for Platform is taken from the current setting for this option on the PKSFX page of Compression options. (Platform is the setting that specifies the platform or environment from which the SFX is intended to be run—for example, the graphical Windows user interface, or the Windows command-line interface.) Other options from the original file are set only if they are supported by the selected SFX platform.

If the Confirm PKSFX options when creating PKSFX box is checked on the PKSFX page of Compression options, the SFX Editor opens so that you can review and change these PKSFX option settings before saving the new PKSFX file. If the box is not checked, the file is simply saved with those settings.


When adding files to a self-extracting archive that is split or spanned across multiple media, always save the updated file with a new name or in a different location.


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