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View Summary Information About an Archive

You can view summary information about the current archive from the General tab of Archive Properties. This tab contains such information as the type of the archive file, its size, the number of encrypted files it contains, and whether any files in the archive are digitally signed for authentication.

To access the General tab of Archive Properties:

  1. Right-click in an empty area of the archive window and click Properties to open Archive Properties. The tab gives the following information about the archive:
    1. Full path name

    2. Number of files and folders the archive contains.

    3. Size: The aggregate size of all files in the archive before compression, including any alternate data streams.

    4. Compress size: The aggregate size of all files in the archive after compression. (This may be less than the size of the archive file itself. An archive's size is also affected by the overhead of storing information related to compression, encryption, and authentication).

    5. Compression ratio: The ratio of the compressed size to the original aggregate size of the files.

    6. Number of files encrypted using either traditional (weak) or strong encryption.

    7. Whether any files are digitally signed.

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