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Add Files from a List

You can add files by selecting and adding them directly from your system, or you can add files from lists.

Lists are useful if you want to add files from several different folders or if you often want to add updated versions of the same files. By saving a list of these files, you can just add them from the list instead of selecting them again each time.

To add files to an archive from a list:

  1. Use Add to List or Load List to insert the names of some files in the Files to compress list.
  2. Use Exclude/Include to exclude any files in the list that you do not want to add.
    Files to be excluded are flagged with a red X in the list. Select an excluded file and choose Exclude/Include to flag it with a blue + that marks it to include.

    Note: If you discover you have the wrong list, or want to start over with different files, click Clear to remove all files from the Files to compress list.

  3. Choose OK to add to the archive the files marked with a blue + in the list.

    Note: Any files listed in the File name field are added as well as files in the list.

Using Paste Special to Add Files to a List

You can select and copy a selection of files and folders from Windows Explorer and use the Paste Special command to paste your selection into the Files to compress list.

Paste Special combines features of drag and drop and the Add Files dialog: As with drag and drop, you can directly select the files and folders you want in Windows Explorer. But you can also apply filters and path information options to the selection when it is in the Files to compress list. These option settings are ignored when you use drag and drop to add files.

To add files to a list with Paste Special:

  1. In Windows Explorer, select files and folders to add.
  2. Copy the selection (Ctrl+C).
  3. In PK Protect, right click an empty area in the main window to open the context menu.
  4. Choose Paste Special from the context menu.

The Add Files dialog opens with the files you selected added to the Files to compress list. You can add more entries to the list, and you can set options to apply filters and path information settings to items in the list.

See here for information on how to set the options that you can access from the Options button in the Add Files dialog.

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