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MacOS: X.509 and PGP

PGP Keys

Finder prompt shown

The folder location (~/.gnupg) shown in the picture is where PK Protect looks for PGP keys.

Certificates in X.509

Smartcrypt and the keychain app are shown in the image

To the left is the keychain access application where we have our X.509 certificate installed.
To the right is PK Protect where we are attempting to encrypt an archive. Here you can see the installed certificate in keychain access is an option that can be used to encrypt with.

Encrypting with a Certificate

Right-click action on file to create a smartcrypt archive

To encrypt a file with a certificate, navigate to the file you wish to encrypt and right click. This will produce a pop-up menu. Scroll down to PK Protect: Create Archive and select it.

Smartcrypt certificate option chosen

This will produce a new menu that displays functions for encrypting files. Ensure the checkbox under X.509 Certificates is checked.

Passphrase entry along with chosen certificate

Create a passphrase as indicated in the picture to the left and click OK at the bottom right of the screen.

An Encrypt Success Notification is shown to the end user

Once you select OK, a pop-up will appear in the top right corner of the screen indicating that the file has been encrypted with a certificate.

New encrypted archive is shown on the desktop

The newly encrypted file is now visible as shown in the picture to the left.

Decrypting with a Certificate

User has right clicked a file to decrypt with smartcrypt

After choosing the file to decrypt, right click on the file. This will produce a pop-up menu. Scroll down to PK Protect: Extract Archive and select it.

Allow Smartcrypt to access certicate prompt shown

You will be prompted with a new pop-up menu that requests you either allow or deny PK Protect access to use your confidential information stored in "privateKey" in your keychain. Select Allow.

Decryption Successful notification event shown

A pop-up menu will appear in the top left of your screen telling you that your file has been decrypted with a certificate. The newly decrypted file is now visible.
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