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Save Changes Automatically

By default, a named archive is saved automatically whenever you make changes to its files. For example, if you delete files from an existing archive, the archive is saved automatically as soon as the files are deleted.

If you want to make several different changes to an archive before you save it—for example, add some files and delete others—you can turn off the Auto-Save option. When Auto-Save is off, you can make multiple changes to files in an archive, and the archive, with your changes, is not saved until you manually save it. This feature helps you work faster when you have a number of changes to make to an archive.

Note:  You may also want to turn off Auto-Save if you make changes to individual files inside archives; such as renaming or changing attributes of files, adding/changing file comments, and moving files into different folders in the archive. Auto-Save slows down these processes.

The Auto-Save option is set with a check box on the Advanced page of Compression options. You can also set or unset it from the PK Protect main window:

To toggle Auto-Save on or off:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the window where files are listed.
  2. Select Auto-Save from the context menu that appears.

A check appears by the feature in the context menu when it is turned on.

Indicators of How Changes Will Be Saved

If Auto-Save is turned on, an already named archive is saved automatically when you add or delete files or make other changes to it. If Auto-Save is not turned on, files that were added, changed, or deleted since the last save are listed in boldface in the main window with a symbol by their names. The symbol indicates what will be done with the file when the archive is saved:

IconWhat It Means


The file will be added or updated with changes.


The file will be deleted.


Do not add this file after all.


The file will be moved into the archive: After the file is added to the archive, the original file on your system is deleted.
Note: Do not delete or move a file that you have added to an archive until the archive is saved. Changes flagged with symbols from the table above are not actually made until the archive is saved. So, for example, if you delete from your system a file that is flagged to be added, PK Protect will not be able to find the file to add it.

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