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Setting Options from Outlook

Set options in the PK Protect Options dialogs of PK Protect to configure how PK Protect Attachments compresses, encrypts, and digitally signs files.

To access the PK Protect Options dialog from Outlook. Do one of the following:

  1. In Outlook, choose PK Protect Options on the toolbar of a new message.

  2. Right-click the tool tray icon and select Options from the context menu.

See the help for PK Protect Options to learn about the controls and settings.


When you access PK Protect Options from Outlook, the PK Protect Options dialog offers only the Compression, Security, and Mail categories because these are the only categories that contain options for zipping attachments. To see the full set of categories (including, for example, Extraction), open PK Protect Options from the PK Protect program directly.


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