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Test Files in an Archive

You can test files in an archive to verify that they can be extracted and to view information about any digital signatures attached.

After extracting a file, PK Protect checks to confirm that the checksum of the file after it is extracted matches the checksum recorded for it before it was added to the archive. Testing files in an archive performs this same check. To test, PK Protect extracts the files but then throws the extracted data away instead of writing the files to disk.

Testing an archive also tells you about any signatures attached to the archive or its files. A signature tells you that the signed file or archive is unchanged since it was signed, and also tells you who signed it. Testing also confirms that the X.509 certificate or OpenPGP key is not expired. Testing enables you to verify that files you expected to be signed are in fact signed and are signed by the person you expected them to be.

To test files in an archive:

  1. Right-click in an empty space in the archive window and select Test from the context menu to open the Test Files dialog.
  2. Select the appropriate radio button to test either all files in the archive or files currently selected in the main window.
  3. Choose OK.

The files are tested. PK Protect opens the Log to display the results.

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