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About PK Protect™

Welcome to PK Protect™. PK Protect is persistent data protection for sensitive information and visibility into where it is being used, shared and stored. PK Protect for Windows Desktop also gives you the file compression you've always known from PKWARE.

Manage Your Data with PK Protect

PK Protect gives you a host of tools to create and manage ZIP files and other types of archives. You can add files to an archive from multiple folders, create and name folders inside an archive to organize archive contents, and update an archive from a saved list of files.

PK Protect also includes the PKZIP Self-Extractor. The PKZIP Self-Extractor enables you to create ZIP archives with its own extraction engine: you extract the file's contents just by double-clicking the EXE file. No other program is required. (A separate license key is required to enable administrators to control use of the Self-Extractor.)

PK Protect allows you to create ZIP archives from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) with the SaveSecure® toolbar. With Office Integration enabled, you can also open zipped Office documents.

PK Protect works with Microsoft Outlook too. The integrated PK Protect Attachments lets you zip, sign and encrypt not only email attachments, but the messages themselves, from the message window or from PK Protect.

Secure Your Data with PK Protect

To protect your data even if it falls into the wrong hands, PK Protect enables you to encrypt it using the same strong encryption that banks and the federal government use. You can encrypt files that you archive, or the archive itself (including its name) to make sure everything stays confidential.

With PK Protect, you can use digital certificates and/or passphrases to apply strong encryption. You can also work with archives signed or encrypted using the OpenPGP standard.  Digital certificates have the advantage that they enable you to encrypt just for the people you want to be able to view your files. Similarly, other people can use your certificate to encrypt messages and files specifically for you. PK Protect accesses your certificate and decrypts for you transparently.

You can also use your certificate to sign files. When you attach your digital signature, you let people know the message or file really comes from you.

PK Protect lets you sign messages, files in an archive, or the archive itself.  PK Protect also authenticates signatures you receive from others. With Smartkeys™, PK Protect can even simplify certificate management.  

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