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Encrypt Files When You Add Them

You can encrypt files when you add them to a ZIP archive or when they are in an existing ZIP archive. To enable encryption:

  1. Select Options from the Application Menu.
  2. Select the Security category.
  3. Choose the ZIP  or OpenPGP page. You may configure both.
  4. Define how you wish to encrypt files in Security Options. Check any or all of these boxes on the page:
    1. Encrypt files: Checking this box enables all the others
    2. Encrypt file names (ZIP only)
    3. Enable Smartkey encryption (ZIP only)
    4. Enable key/certificate encryption
    5. Enable passphrase encryption

To encrypt files in the Add Files dialog:

  1. Add files to an archive.
  2. Check the Encrypt files box
  3. To view (and change) the current encryption settings, click Options.
    PK Protect encrypts according to the Security settings. The settings remain in effect until you change them.
  4. Click OK.

PK Protect opens a dialog in which you can specify what type of credentials will open this encrypted file. Your options (passphrase, certificate, OpenPGP key or Smartkey) depend on the Security settings. You can also choose to turn off, or skip, encrypting from this dialog.

Encrypted files in an archive display with a padlock icon beside the file name in the file list.

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