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Mac, Windows, & Linux Capabilities

Below are differences in capabilities between Mac, Windows, & Linux


Office Save Secure Plugins



Secure Outlook PluginXX
Mimeviewer for EBE encrypted emailXX
PEM Administrator Classification PoliciesXX
Automated ClassificationXX
Explorer Manual ClassificationXX
Image DiscoveryX
Office Manual ClassificationX
Self extractor optionX
File name encrypted archive creationX
File name encrypted archive extraction
OpenPGP File CreationX
OpenPGP support Extraction
Advanced File Attribute Reporting and excluding of System Files for Lockers and Assignments XX
Deployments from the PEM AdministratorXX
Advanced controls on extraction operations✓*
Advanced controls on compression operations✓*
Lockers with Discovery✓*
Assignments with Discovery✓*
Microsoft Information ProtectionXX
Microsoft Information Protection Double Key EncryptionXX
Agent Performance ControlsXX

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