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Open an Archive

Open an archive in PK Protect to work with the files it contains. The easiest way to open an archive from Windows Explorer is to double-click the archive. This works if the archive type is associated with PK Protect.

Any archive that you can open by double-clicking can also be opened in one of these ways:

  • By dragging it onto an open PK Protect program window

  • By dragging it onto the PK Protect desktop icon

You can also open an archive from PK Protect. To open an archive from PK Protect:

  1. Choose Open from the Application Menu or the Quick Access toolbar to display the Open Archive dialog.
  2. In the dialog, navigate to the folder containing the archive you want to open.
  3. Select an archive so that its name appears in the File name field.
    If an archive has an archive comment, the comment appears in the tool tip box that displays assorted information when you position the mouse over an archive.
  4. Click OpenYou can open an archive from the numbered list of recently opened archives included in the Application menu.

You can have multiple archives open in PK Protect at the same time. To view a different open archive, click the item in the Windows taskbar.

Note: Multiple archive windows are not available if you have Reuse Existing Window checked on the Miscellaneous Options page.

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