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Search Directory Stores for Recipients

If you have set up PK Protect to access directory certificate stores, the dialog where you select recipients to encrypt for includes some extra controls. These are two buttons—Search and Advanced—and a text field above the list of certificates in the Certificates group. You can use these controls to search for certificates in directories such as Microsoft Active Directory and Novell Netware.

You can do two kinds of search:

  • A simple search, from the same dialog where you choose recipients.

  • An advanced search, from the Advanced Directory Search dialog.

To do a simple search for certificates in a directory store:

  1. In the text field, specify the recipients whose certificates you want to find. Specify recipients in these formats:
    1. By name –  for example, Rick Smith. Enter both first and last name.
    2. By email address – for example,

    3. By group name – for example, office.

      You can specify multiple recipients in the field. Put the entries on separate lines or use semicolons to separate them. For example: Rick Smith;;

  2. Choose Search to start the search.
    Any certificates found for the specified recipients are added to the list underneath in a new category grouping, Search Results. The corresponding name or email address you entered in the text field is cleared. When you specify a group, all members of that group will appear in the Search Results.

  3. Deal with any remaining entries in the text field. 
    After a search, only recipients for whom no certificate was found are still listed in the text field. Fix any misspellings in these listings and choose Search again. If some recipients still are not found, choose the Advanced button to add more criteria to find them with.
    You must clear any remaining listings before you can choose OK and have PK Protect proceed to encrypt. If you cannot find the recipients with another search, you can delete the listings. To delete names and addresses in the text field, select them and press the DELETE key.
  4. To open the Advanced Directory Search dialog to do an advanced search for certificates in a store: Click Advanced to open dialog.
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