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Windows: Encrypt with Passwords

This brief overview will discuss how you can use the PEM Agent with traditional Passwords to encrypt files on Windows

Encryption on Windows can be accomplished multiple ways.  First, you can launch the PEM Agent and simply drag one or more files onto it.  

Step 1 - Choose the file(s) you wish to encrypt

Option #1 - Drag files onto the running PEM Agent Application.

Option #2 - Drag files onto the program icon.

Option #3 - Right click one or more files and choose "Encrypt" from the PEM Agent Menu.

Step 2 (optional) - Choose the location where you would like the resulting encrypted file to be created.

Step 3 - Choose your encryption key

In this case, we are showing password encryption. Type it twice to confirm and click Encrypt. (To see how to encrypt files with Smartkeys, click here)

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