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Windows: The PEM Agent

The PEM Agent is an application running on user’s desktop machines, that performs actions based on instructions it receives from the PK Endpoint Manager (PEM) Administrator configured by the IT administrative department in your organization. 

The PEM Agent will automatically attempt to connect to the PEM whenever the desktop system is running. It uses your Windows system username/password to authenticate and establish a connection to the PEM Administrator.

If the PEM Agent can't connect, of if your Windows system password has recently changed. You may be prompter to enter your new Windows username/password for the PEM Agent to recognize the change. 

How to Identify Encrypted PK Protected Files

After a file has been protected, it is very easy to identify. There are several ways to determine that a file has been encrypted with PK Protect.

PK Protect Icon

  • A visual indicator of the PK Protect icon is displayed on top of the traditional application’s icon.

Tool Tip

  • The ‘tool tip’ hover information will display ‘PK Protect Archive’ as the file type.

Details in Windows Explorer

  • In Windows Explorer, the file type column will display ‘PK Protect File’ as well as the icon.

To show the original file type, add the ‘Tags’ column:

  • On the menu, click View then Add Columns to reveal the selection options.
  • Click Tags to add a check mark next to it.

The Tags column will now appear in the list showing the original file type.






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