macOS Reference

My Account

Field Description
Name Name of the currently logged in user
Email Email of the user is logged in as
Identity Provider Type of ownership the account belongs to
Connected to Smartcrypt server the Smartcrypt account is communicating with
Unlink Logs the current user out


A table that provides a list of notifications. Notifications that appear here can be clicked for further action such as sharing of a Smartkey. The default view will show as, "No Notifications"


The Smartkeys page provides the user with the ability to add, edit, and display Smartkeys.

Left Side (List of Smartkeys)

Field Description
Name Names of available Smartkeys
   + Clicking the "+" creates a new key and prompts the user for a name
   - Deletes the current selected Smartkey. This option can be greyed out of the user does not own the selected Smartkey

Right Side (Details)

Field Description
Name Name of the selected Smartkey
Owner Owner name and email of the selected Smartkey
Created Date Smartkey was created

Name - Participant of a Smartkey

Email - Email associated with the participant

     + If the user is an owner of the Smartkey they can click this option to add new users as participants of the Smartkey


File Types

File types checked under this tab will use Smartcrypt as the default application.


Items provided with the Actions tab decide what happens with archives during their use.

Field Description
Extract Archive to: A location for where an archive should be extracted to if double clicked
Extract Mail Attachments to: A location for where an email attachment archive should be extracted to if double clicked
Open Action: Action for what happens to an archive if it's double clicked.
Automatically open extracted item If "Extract Archive" is chosen for "Open Archive" this option will be available to open the contents of the extracted archive
Automatically delete original file(s) when encrypting If a user right clicks to encrypt a file and this option is checked, Smartcrypt will delete the original unencrypted file
Automatically delete original archive when decrypting If a user decrypts an archive and this option is checked, it will delete the original encrypted archive


Field Description
Encrypt Files Enable/Disable Encryption for Smartcrypt
Algorithm Algorithm used for encryption actions
Enable Smartkeys Enable/Disable use of Smartkeys
Default The default Smartkey to be used for encryption actions
Enable Certificates Enable/Disable use of certificates
Default Default certificate to be used for encryption actions
Enable Passphrase Enable/Disable use of passphrases
Sign Files Enable/Disable use of signing files
Algorithm Algorithm used for signing files
Certificate Certificate used for signing files