Options for Extracting Files

You can set options for the following things when you extract files:

  • Extract mode: Smartcrypt can extract all files, only newer versions of files, or newer versions and files that are not in the target folders at all.

  • Filters: You can filter a set of files selected to be extracted such that only files that are of a certain type or size or fall in a certain date range are actually extracted.

  • Overwriting files: Tell Smartcrypt how to proceed when a file to be extracted has the same name as a file in a target folder.

  • Restoring folders: If path information was saved for a file in an archive, you can recreate the saved path when you extract the file.

  • Advanced options: You can prepare any text files in the archive for use on another operating system, and define what file attributes the extracted files should retain.

To access Options for extraction:

1.  Select Options from the Application Menu.

2.  Click the Extraction category.

Note: You can change the default settings directly in the Extract dialog. Click Options.