Associate Archive Types with Smartcrypt

If you want to open ZIP files and archives of other types in Smartcrypt just by double-clicking on them, you can associate these types of archives with Smartcrypt. Associating a type of file with a program tells Windows to use that program by default to open files of that type.

You can still open files of the associated types in other programs, but the files open in Smartcrypt by default.

By default, Smartcrypt automatically checks when run to see if ZIP files are associated with Smartcrypt. If they are not, the Program Not Associated dialog opens when you run Smartcrypt. There you are asked if you want to associate ZIP files with Smartcrypt.

To associate ZIP files (files having a .zip extension) with Smartcrypt:

Choose Yes through the Change Associations dialog. Smartcrypt is associated with .zip files and files of any of the other archive types currently selected  (all supported archive types are selected by default). You can also open this dialog directly by choosing Change File Associations from the Help menu.

To run Smartcrypt without making any new file associations:

Choose No. The dialog closes and Smartcrypt opens.

To select specific archive types to associate with Smartcrypt:

1.  Choose Change File Associations from the Help menu.

The Change Associations dialog opens, where you can select archive types to associate so that files of those types open in Smartcrypt by default. When you close that dialog, you return here, to the Program Not Associated dialog.

2.  Do one of the following:

  • Choose Yes to associate Smartcrypt with the archive types you selected and to run Smartcrypt.

  • Choose No to run Smartcrypt without adding any new associations.

To open Smartcrypt in the future without being invited to associate ZIP files:

Check the Do not ask me again box.