View Files in an Archive

View Files in an Archive

You can view files in an archive without extracting them first. When you view a file, Smartcrypt opens the file in the application associated with files of that type on your system. For example, a written document will open with a word processor such as Microsoft Word, a song plays in your media player, and a saved web page will open in your default web browser.

To view a file in an archive:

Do one of the following to open a file in the application with which it is associated on your system:

  • Double-click the file

  • Select the file and press Enter

  • Select the file and choose View on the toolbar

When you are done viewing the file, close it in the application.

You can make changes to a file when you view it, too. See here for information on how to modify and rezip a file so that the archived copy is updated with your changes.