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This page allows administrators to view and import security Labels from Microsoft into the PKWARE Enterprise Manager. Once Labels are added to the Labels table shown on this page, they can be used in the MIP labels dropdown as a remediations option. In order for labels to appear in the label table they must be added from the "Import" button or added manually from the "Add" button. Make sure to configure the MIP/Applications and MIP/Config page before continuing through this section to populate labels. 

Display NameA string value that end users and administrators can see
Organization NameOrganization's name that defined the label
GUIDUnique identification string for the the label
Created AtDate and time the label was created
Updated AtDate and time the label was updated
ViewAllows the administrator to view the display name, organization name, GUID, Tenant ID, and date criteria for a single label
DeleteRemoves the label from appearing within the labels table and dropdown in the remediations page
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