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Application Keys

Smartkeys used by Smartcrypt Desktop and Mobile can loosely be grouped into two types: keys owned by the Manager, such as Community keys, and keys owned by the user, such as those made by users in the desktop UI. Custom applications built using the Smartcrypt SDK can also have both Manager-owned and user-owned keys.

Manager-owned keys

Manager owned keys for custom Applications are created using the Application Keys tab. Like Community keys, these can only be modified or deleted by PKWARE Enterprise Manager admins. To get started creating a Manager-owned key, click on "Add".

On the Add Application Key screen, you can configure the new Manager-owned key.

NameHuman-friendly name of the key.
KindKind of the key. Review the Applications documentation for details.
ParticipantsWho all should have access to the key.
CommentsFree-form details about the key. These are not synced to applications, and are useful for documenting your work.
Allow Key RotationWhether or not the Smartkey should be rotated when access is revoked from a participant. In most cases, you want this enabled. For reference, Community keys, and keys created by Smartcrypt Desktop and Mobile are rotatable. However, Field Level Encryption requires non-rotatable keys.

User-owned keys

User owned keys are created using the SDK. Refer your development team to the SDK documentation for details.

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