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The Database page contains replication and backup settings for your Smartcrypt database.  Administrators can also take manual backups on this page. You can edit most of the settings on this page by clicking the field you want to change.

Replication Settings

With data continuously coming into Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager from various devices across the enterprise, Administrators need to balance database accuracy with performance. Use the Replication Settings to define the CheckPoint Timeout and determine whether to Keep Log Segments.

Backup Settings

A daily database backup is taken at midnight local time each day. Click the Daily Schedule field to change the time of the backup. You can also Disable the Automated Backup by clicking the link.

You can only define a Keystore to hold security keys before registering Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager. See the Basics page for instructions on setting up keystores.

All database restores must be performed on the Master node. To restore a database, login to the Master node and click the System tab. Choose the backup you wish to restore from the Database Backups list. Click Restore. You can also choose to Download or Delete specific backups.

By default, Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager keeps up to 20 database backups. Click Maximum Number of Backups to increase or decrease the number of kept (and restorable) backups.

WARNING: Make sure you have configured a Contingency Key or Contingency Group before restoring a database backup. Encryption keys created AFTER the point in time you are restoring to will be lost. Data encrypted with these keys will remain inaccessible without a contingency key/group.

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