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Support - Client Log Retrieval

The Archive > Support page allows Admins to troubleshoot client issues by retrieving and viewing current client logs.

Setting Up a New Client Log Retrieval

Go to Archive > Support to see your existing configured log retrieval assignments.

  1. Click Add to add a new retrieval assignment.
  2. Type a name for this assignment.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select the client platforms of the device. You can select multiple platforms.
  4. Type the full UNC path of the destination folder to deliver the log.
  5. By default, the Transfer Logs Immediately box is checked to get information on what just happened. Uncheck this box to use Duration to limit the amount of time (in minutes) to retrieve this log.
  6. Check the Trace box to include a trace file with the log data.
  7. Save the retrieval assignment

A request for the log will appear on the client, and the manager will show that the log search is Assigned. When the user approves the request, it becomes Pending. When the logs have been uploaded to the destination path, the request becomes Completed. Click the link to view the logs in a ZIP archive. 

If there are any problems with log retrieval, it will appear in the Error column. Click the link to identify the problem.

Note: You can also have the user direct the log retrieval on the Windows desktop. Have the user shift-click the Smartcrypt system tray icon and select Create Support Archive. Smartcrypt will place the ZIP archive containing the log on the Desktop to send you as an email attachment, or to upload to a preferred location.

Viewing Current Log Retrieval

Go to Archive > Support to see your existing configured log retrieval assignments. Use the Search box to locate a specific assignment.

NameName of the log retrieval instance. This can be anything.
PlatformsThe operating system of the device(s) you're searching.
DestinationFull UNC path to location of retrieved logs
DurationHow many minutes of log retrieved

True: Trace file included

False: No trace file

Created AtDate and time when this retrieval instance was first added.
Updated AtDate and time when this instance was last updated.
AssignedNumber of log searches set up, but not started
PendingNumber of log retrievals in process
CompletedNumber of finished jobs
ErrorNumber of completed jobs with issues

Managing Log Retrievals

Click the Manage link on the right side of the Log Retrieval instance you want to work with. You'll see a list of devices tied to this retrieval instance.

Adding a Device

Click Add to search for an existing device associated with this assignment. Complete one or more fields to target your search.

DeviceThe device column will track the name of the device that reported.
Owner NameThis is the name for the user who has logged into a device.
Owner EmailThis is the email address for the user who has logged into a device.
Last Accessed AfterDate the device last connected to and authenticated with Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager. The last accessed date can be helpful in determining activity if there are duplicate entries, such as one user with multiple device.
Last Accessed Before
Last IPThe IP address associated with the device when it last connected to and authenticated with SEM.

Re-running a log retrieval

If you need to get a new log with the same criteria (device and duration), Click Manage on the retrieval you want to re-run. Click the Done status link. The process will repeat.

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