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A Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager (SEM) needs a license from PKWARE to operate.  Evaluation licenses can be obtained via your PKWARE Sales or Support representative.  Permanent licenses are delivered during order fulfillment. Once your order has been processed by PKWARE, license information will automatically propagate to your Smartcrypt Manager instance.

Isolated Mode

If you are running an offline or non-Internet connected SEM you will need to manually generate a license request. Press Import License on the main licensing page.  Email the resulting information to your PKWARE representative and they will return a license file that matches your SEM Identity. Import this JSON text to license your instance and associated clients.

Viewing License Information





The name of your license. Typically this will be your company name.


Usually "Smartcrypt"


Operating system of the licensed device

Expiration Date

When this license expires. Any clients using will be unable to login after expiration.

  • For subscriptions this is typically every 1 or 3 years
  • Perpetual licenses do not expire

Refresh Interval

In days, how often the license is verified with PKWARE

Soft Max

When you are notified that the number of devices connected to Smartcrypt Manager is reaching its limit

Hard Max

When Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager will stop receiving connections from new devices


Number of seats in use



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